How to find work in Web3 and get paid
June 09, 2022
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Find Work
Start Invoicing like a pro

Find Work

Have you just arrived in the Web3 world and want to start learning by getting paid directly? Good news It’s possible! Some platforms called DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) are open. You can find available tasks on their Discord or organization tools and how much they are ready to pay for that.

Fortunately for us, some existing tools centralize everything so that you don’t have to search through multiple DAO’s websites. It would be very time-consuming and not pleasant!

The main existing tools are :

  • Gitcoin: it’s mainly for developers. Tasks are linked to a GitHub issue. Gitcoin links your metamask account with your GitHub account. You have to ask to be on a task with a plan. When accepted, you will be assigned to the GitHub issue. Gitcoin will release the payment to your Metamask address when this one closes.
  • Dework: It’s an open project management tool for DAO. You see the Trello Board of a DAO, and the DAO can easily add a task and associate a price with it. Very promising!
  • Immunefi : Is a bug bounties platform. Immunefi is not for finding tasks to do but instead reporting a bug or an exploit you can find looking through the code of websites and smart contracts of different organizations. Because crypto has a value, the bounty can sometimes be high depending on the level of vulnerability found. Everything is detailed on each project bounty page.

Start Invoicing like a pro

Most of the time, if you are consistent in the work you deliver in a project, you will get noticed by the team, and they will ask you directly if you are interested in a task before publishing it to one of the previous platforms. Good news for you! You have a direct link with trusted clients and will work more professionally. How about starting invoicing … with crypto? Fortunately for us, there is a tool for that!

Request is an invoice and accountant tool that lets you send quick, professional invoices, asking for crypto or FIAT if needed. With that, you are set up to start your professional career as a DAO contributor in Web3! Note that Request can also be used to invoice the client in FIAT and get paid in FIAT or crypto! They will soon release an Escrow feature that guarantees you that the client has put money on hold to pay for your work in advance.

I’m an affiliate with Request and personally use their product. If you use my link, you’ll get a 10$ bonus in REQ

There is also Franklin, but it’s currently in Beta.



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